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Emergency Spill Sack


Emergency Spill Sack
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Be prepared for fast response with a portable SpillTech® Universal Spill Kit!

Quick Response is Key

Spills happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Forklifts knock over drums, tanks are punctured and transporters leak and drip. It's important to have the right sorbents on-hand when these spills occur to eliminate the slip-and-fall hazard. A quick response is the first order of business — and your best weapon — in the fight against spills. SpillTech® Spill Kits are packed with quality SpillTech® Products to help you clean up fast and comply with regulations.

The Sorbents You Need are All Inside

Our kit includes a variety of sorbents to handle spills of oils, coolants, solvents or water when you're on the road; prepacked in a sturdy polyester bag for security on the go. Emergency Spill Sack features a portable, reusable drawstring sack packed with sorbent products for easy access during a spill emergency. Saves time and facilitates quicker response. Sack offers grab-and-go convenience and allows you to get to spills quickly. Drawstring provides secure closure to protect sorbents from dirt and damage."Emergency Spill Sack" is printed on the side of the bag.

Customized for You

Don't see what you're looking for? We can customize a spill kit to your exact specifications, including the container, its contents and accessories — with no upcharge! Contact your local Distributor for details.


Dimensions - 19" W x 19" L x 7" H
Shipping Dimensions - 19" W x 19" L x 7" H
Sold as - 1 per package
Absorbency per - Up to 6.4 gal.
Weight - 5.58 lbs.
# per Pallet - 80
Ship Class - 175
SPKU-SACK Contents List & Spill Kit Instructions
Helps You Comply

Technical Documents

Regulations and Compliance

29 CFR 1910.120(j)(1) - Under an OSHA requirement,  "DOT-specified salvage drums or containers and suitable quantities of proper absorbents shall be kept available and used in areas where spills, leaks, or ruptures may occur."
29 CFR 1910.1450(e) - OSHA requires containment and cleanup materials for spills in laboratories to reduce occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals.
40 CFR 263.30(a) - In the event of a spill, transporters must, "take appropriate immediate action to protect human health and the environment."
40 CFR 263.31 - Transporters, "must clean up any hazardous waste discharge that occurs during transportation…so that the hazardous waste discharge no longer presents a hazard to human health or the environment."

There are no known notices or warnings for this product.