Lower profile and sump capacity, these polyethylene Ultra-Spill Decks® and soft-sided Spill Pals™ keep your workspace clean and safe. Tough construction cannot rust or corrode, and stands up to heavy use.

Item # Description Item Details
4-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck® ULT1072 4-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck® 52" x 52" x 5.75" 1/package
Bulkhead Fitting ULT1073 Bulkhead Fitting For Spill Decks 1/package
2-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck® ULT1086 2-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck® 52" x 26" x 5.75" 1/package
Loading Ramp ULT1089 Loading Ramp For Spill Decks 1/package
26in T-Strip ULT1131 26in T-Strip For Spill Decks 1/package
Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System® ULT1320 Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System® 26" x 30.5" x 5.75" 1/package
1-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck® ULT1321 1-Drum Ultra-Spill Deck® 26" x 26" x 5.75" 1/package