Compact and portable, Prowler™ Pools are ideal for containing spills when you're on the road or anywhere you spring a leak. Constructed of high-density polyethylene tapes, Pools offer excellent resistance to many chemicals. Available in four sizes.

Item # Description Item Details
100-Gallon Pop-Up Pool ENP5900 100-Gallon Pop-Up Pool 48" base x 18" x 32" opening
20-Gallon Pop-Up Pool ENP5920 20-Gallon Pop-Up Pool 28" base x 13" x 18" opening
150-Gallon Pop-Up Pool ENP5950 150-Gallon Pop-Up Pool 60" base x 18" x 44" opening
66-Gallon Pop-Up Pool ENP5966 66-Gallon Pop-Up Pool 48" base x 14" x 36" opening
Poly Edge ENP1601 Poly Edge 20" x 34.75" x 15", 1 each/package