Our universal-application Socks absorb oils, coolants, solvents or water. Use wherever you only want to stock one sock to cover all your spills. Choose recycled poly filled, cellulose, corn cob or reusable to best suit your needs.

Item # Description Item Details
Universal Reusable Sock 1010 Universal Reusable Sock 3" x 48", 15 socks/package
Universal Socks GCSO410 Universal Socks 3" x 48", 10 socks/package
Universal Socks GCSO430 Universal Socks 3" x 4', 30 socks/package
Universal Socks GCSO815 Universal Socks 3" x 8', 15 socks/package
Universal Socks GCSO1210 Universal Socks 3" x 12', 10 socks/package
Universal CornCob Sock CCSO40 Universal CornCob Sock 3" x 42", 40 socks/package
Water Absorbing Flat Socks GFSO425 Water Absorbing Flat Socks 3" x 4', 25 socks/package