If you don't see a Spill Kit that meets your needs, you can build your own! Order exactly what you want and avoid paying for accessories or PPE that you don't really need. Customize your Kit today … and don't forget the OverPack!

Item # Description Item Details
Large WoodPlugs A-WOODPLUGS-LG Large WoodPlugs Assorted sizes, 9 each/package
Small WoodPlugs A-WOODPLUGS-SM Small WoodPlugs Assorted sizes, 9 each/package
Temporary Disposal Bag A-DISPBAG Temporary Disposal Bag 30" x 60", 1 each/package
Temporary Disposal Bag Small A-DISPBAG-SM Temporary Disposal Bag Small 18" x 30", 1 each/package
Temporary Disposal Bags A-DISPBAG-ROLL Temporary Disposal Bags 30" x 60" 125/package
Emergency GuideBook A-EGB Emergency GuideBook 400 pages
Light Stick A-LIGHTSTICKS Light Stick 0.5" x 6", 1 each/package
Non-Sparking Shovel A-SHOVNS Non-Sparking Shovel 10.5" x 14" x 43.5", 1 each/package
pH Tester Kit A-PHTEST pH Tester Kit 50' tape in dispenser
Plug & Dike Patching Paste A-PND Plug & Dike Patching Paste 1lb tub
Epoxy Putty A-EPOXY Epoxy Putty 7" stick, 1 each/package
Epoxy Putty A-EPOXY-CS Epoxy Putty 7" Stick, 24 each/package