Large, vinyl-coated flame retardant fabric catches roof leaks and channels them away from equipment through a standard hose hookup. Or choose our Pipe Leak Diverters to keep fluid leaks off the floor while eliminating slip hazards and chemical exposure.

Item # Description Item Details
Roof Leak Diverter LD1010 Roof Leak Diverter 10' x 10', 1 each/package
Roof Leak Diverter LD55 Roof Leak Diverter 5' x 5', 1 each/package
Pipe Leak Diverter LD1818 Pipe Leak Diverter 18" x 18", 1 each/package
Clear Drainage Hose LDHOSE Clear Drainage Hose 25', 1 each/package
Rubber Hanging Straps LDSTRAPS Rubber Hanging Straps 19", 4 each/package