If you don't see a Spill Kit that meets your needs, you can build your own! Order exactly what you want and avoid paying for accessories or PPE that you don't really need. Customize your Kit today … and don't forget the container!

Item # Description Item Details
Spill Kaddie A-KADDIE Spill Kaddie 20" x 40" x 20", 1 each/package
Spill Control Station Sign A-SIGN Spill Control Station Sign 10" x 7", 1 each/package
Spill Kit Tote Bag A-YTOTE Spill Kit Tote Bag 17" x 20" x 8", 1 each/package
UtilityBox A-UTILITYBOX5 UtilityBox with 5" wheels
UtilityBox A-UTILITYBOX8 UtilityBox with 8" wheels
Tamperproof Seal Labels A-SEAL Tamperproof Seal Labels 6" x 2" 6 each/package
Black Duffle Bag A-BLACKBAG Black Duffle Bag 18" x 11"
Wall Mount Bracket A-BRACKET Wall Mount Bracket For 20 & 30 Gallon OverPack Spill Kits
Overpack Cover Large A-COVER-LG Overpack Cover Large 33" Dia x 23" 1/package
Overpack Cover Small A-COVER-SM Overpack Cover Small 23" Dia x 12" 1/package
Yellow Duffle Bag A-DUFFLE Yellow Duffle Bag 40" x 12" x 12", 1 each/package
Spill Kit Tote Bag A-GTOTE Spill Kit Tote Bag 20" x 15" x 4", 1 each/package
Spill Kit Label A-KITLABEL Spill Kit Label 3" x 5", 1/package
Orange Spill Kit Tote Bag A-OBAG Orange Spill Kit Tote Bag 12" x 18" x 4", 1 each/package
Wall Mount Cabinet A-WCAB Wall Mount Cabinet 12.75" x 13.75" x 30", 1/package
Spill Kit Tote Bag A-YBAG Spill Kit Tote Bag 12" x 18" x 4", 1 each/package